Douven Staul

winterhaven, militia, mentor


After he is resqued from Burial Ground, he returns to the Winterhaven and continues his duties.


Not really much of his past is known, apart from that he used to be an adventurer when he was a youngster and he still might know a bit of history and dungeoneering. Now that he has settled in Winterhaven, with his wife (they had no children), Douven is a local militia chief, commanding and training a dozen of guards, also he let young Alvis train too, becoming his mentor eventually. (The rapier Alvis is carrying is actually Staul’s gift)

Douven was one of the first, who felt the evil presence of dark powers, as the Shadowfell rift became unstable. He was drastic enough to flee to Burial ground all alone, after Valthrun told him there might te a relic, that cultists would seek to obtain, hoping he would get there first. He was overpowered and captured by Agrid the gnome skulk and his people.

Douven Staul

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