DnD4 for Rikis guys

Session #5

Day 7 (cont.)

AS party continues their venture upwards, floor keeps collapsing under their feet.
Encounter #1 (2nd floor): 725XP
Encounter #2 (3rd floor): 1000XP

As goblin boss was slain, party finds some riches (2 moonstones (w. 100gp) and 1 amethyst (w. 100gp), also another magical item.


Party barricade inside the tower and have rest.

Day 8

Party continues their way towards Keep of Shadowfell. As they arrive, the place is incredibly silent and the air is unnaturally cold. They descend downwards and move without any particular direction.
Random encounters: 600XP total.


Session #4

Day 6

Party reaches the Burial Ground, encountering Agrid the gnome skulk, as he obtained the relic (Nerath’s mirror).
Encounter: 600XP gained.
After the quick encounter, Douven Staul is found nearby, he gives away a amulet of health for his resque (1250XP gained for a completed quest). [LEVEL UP TO 2nd] Party retreats to town for rest and new information. They stay at Inn, and find out that the goblins are the newly arisen problem. They depart, reach the place and camp for a night nearby. When sitting around the fire, Alvis tells them the story of Shadowfell and Sir Keegan, who went insane.

Day 7

Party attacks the goblin tower.
Encounter #1: 625XP.


Session #3
douven staul, burial site, quest

Rest of the day, night

Alvis joins. Party resides at Wrafton’s Inn, boozing and chilling, taking 3 rooms for 4 people.

Day 5

Turns out, Douven Staul went missing. Party gather as much info, as possible, questioning every person they meet (Eilian the Old, lord Padraig, Valthrun, Ninaran, Salvana). Later, they gather at Valthun’s tower as promised, but decide to postpone prescient’s guest and go look for Douven.
They’re ambushed by a dozen kobolds on their way by the end of the day.
Encounter: 475xp gained.


Camping in the wild.


Session #2
winterhaven, mine quest, alvis, lord padraig

Day 3:

Party wakes up, and re-enters the mine where some fresh kobolds await.
Encounter #1 450XP gained.
Encounter #2 800XP gained. Party fights a dozen of kobolds, then the white dragon wyrmling appears, knocking out the unlucky ones with a tremendous frost blast. Party stays brave and united, and soon the monster is defeated and decapitated. While scouting quickly, a locked room is found, they find the dwarf Coppernight, a few of his people and some militia men. Party decides to return to town.


Nice and calm.

Day 4:

The return to the Winterhaven. The party are welcomed like heroes, townsfolk looks a bit more cheerful, the market day is here. While struggling to find a torch, someone whispers to get some sunrods instead. Lord Padraig is happy to greet back the party back and rewards them as promised, also, giving some bonus for rescuing the dwarf, who was believed to be dead. Lord mentions Valthrun the wizard, who was willing to see party as they return.

Party goes to Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe, but due to blocked roads, it’s almost out of useful stuff, just souvenirs. Later, they visit smithy and meet Thair Coalstriker, who is willing to repair if needed (for bringing back you-already-know-who, a distant relative of his).

Valthrun tower’s door is unlocked and the wizard seems to be absent-minded and distracted because of random events and prophecies, that promise no good. This is where Albert Avis Mortimer Morgenstern, the smart but annoying city fellow, finally introduces himself, apologizing for being a nuisance just out of boredom, so party invites him to join their adventures. It’s been decided to go to an Inn for a good meal and a celebration and rest, also, a good opportunity to get known with each other better.


Session #1
meet up, lord padraig, winterhaven, quest

Day 1:

Party meets at the gates at dawn.
Illyasviel tries to chat with guards, then pays 2gp to random guy to get to Lord Padraig.
Party accepts the test quest easily, and departs quickly after grabbing some food at Wrafton’s Inn.
Meanwhile Illyasviel tries to get blessing, unsuccessfully.


Some hissing in bushes is heard. Enna tries to rob Isaya, fails.

Day 2:

Encounter #1 at the entrance of mines, one kobold escapes.
500XP gained, sling supplies looted.

Encounter #2 in the dungeon, all kobolds killed.
640XP gained, 40gp.


Party retreats to the outside for extended rest.



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