DnD4 for Rikis guys

Session #1

meet up, lord padraig, winterhaven, quest

Day 1:

Party meets at the gates at dawn.
Illyasviel tries to chat with guards, then pays 2gp to random guy to get to Lord Padraig.
Party accepts the test quest easily, and departs quickly after grabbing some food at Wrafton’s Inn.
Meanwhile Illyasviel tries to get blessing, unsuccessfully.


Some hissing in bushes is heard. Enna tries to rob Isaya, fails.

Day 2:

Encounter #1 at the entrance of mines, one kobold escapes.
500XP gained, sling supplies looted.

Encounter #2 in the dungeon, all kobolds killed.
640XP gained, 40gp.


Party retreats to the outside for extended rest.




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