DnD4 for Rikis guys

Session #4

Day 6

Party reaches the Burial Ground, encountering Agrid the gnome skulk, as he obtained the relic (Nerath’s mirror).
Encounter: 600XP gained.
After the quick encounter, Douven Staul is found nearby, he gives away a amulet of health for his resque (1250XP gained for a completed quest). [LEVEL UP TO 2nd] Party retreats to town for rest and new information. They stay at Inn, and find out that the goblins are the newly arisen problem. They depart, reach the place and camp for a night nearby. When sitting around the fire, Alvis tells them the story of Shadowfell and Sir Keegan, who went insane.

Day 7

Party attacks the goblin tower.
Encounter #1: 625XP.




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